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SmartSupply Health

Supply Chain Made Easy

SmartSupply Health is the cloud-based supply chain platform designed exclusively for hospitals and health systems—with all of the flexibility you need and none of the complexity you don’t.

Complete Visibility & Control

On-the-Go Workflows & Flexibility

Easy to Use & Implement

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BinIQ smart replenishment

Dramatically simplify replenishment with our BinIQ Solution.

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Supply Chain is Vital to the Business of Healthcare.

Supply chain management is vital to the health of your business, but not any old solution will do. With mounting pressures to increase efficiency, contain costs and satisfy demands across facilities and networks—healthcare’s unique needs require a different kind of supply chain solution.

45% of healthcare operating costs
are tied up in the supply chain.

Medical supplies account for
30% of patient care costs.

SmartSupply Health

SmartSupply Health is an advanced supply chain offering built to address the unique requirements of healthcare and life sciences applications. Comprised of six high utility modules, SmartSupply Health delivers the functionality you need with the simplicity you desire.

smart house

Achieve complete visibility and control over mission critical supplies from supplier to patient bedside.

smart move

Reduce transportation costs with a centralized, easy-to-use transportation management system.

smart predict

Accurately project supply needs to reduce costs and better serve patients.

smart access

Ensure caregivers have access to the supplies they need, and track usage at the point of care.

smart replenishment

Integrate data capture into existing workflows with intuitive RFID functionality.

smart metrics

Make proactive decisions to optimize labor, ordering and distribution with meaningful supply chain analyses.

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dynamic healthcare workflows

Working as Dynamically as You Do.

SmartSupply Health’s SmartTask workflow platform enables you to continually optimize workflows to your daily processes and requirements—eliminating time consuming and costly technical cycles. Ensure that your supply chain operations are always aligned with the way you do business.

Validated by Leaders in Supply Chain and Healthcare.

Our lean, HIPAA-compliant SmartSupply Cloud platform provides the greatest possible connectivity and ease-of-use, with even easier implementation. Say goodbye to the days of long, strenuous implementation processes and hello to the future of supply chain—up and running in 10 days.

Ease of Implementation
Compress time to performance from years to ten short days.

Revision Managed
Remain always up-to-date with centralized version control.

smart supply health cloud

Hybrid Cloud
Deploy on any cloud, or on your own dedicated servers.

High Availability
Ensure continuous uptime and maximum scalability using Spring Architecture with Hibernate.

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Inventory Accuracy in

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Supply Chain is Vital to the Business of Healthcare.

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Supply Chain has Never Been So Easy.

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